To be honest, YES! It is good and maybe one of the best investment when you have your own do it yourself solar panels installed in your house powering all of the electrical equipments. Some said that, if you put your investment on solar panels for home use, then it is far more better than investing on a pension. It may sound absurd but look at this.

If you can save hundreds of dollars a year and at the same time, you are helping the environment to keep it clean with this kind of green energy, your government might reward you by paying for the electricity from your homemade solar panels generating. This kind of investment, for over the long term it might beats some pension options.

Right now, if you’re planning about installing a do it yourself solar panels on your roof, here are a few quick guide for everything you have to care about before doing it to make sure the investment is going to the right way.


In order to get an optimum performance from you homemade solar panels, the important part you should care about is where your roof is facing. It is good if you roof is a south facing and already at about 30 degrees of pitched angle but you don’t have to worry if your rooftop is not match with these characteristics.

The panels will still be able to generate the electricity but the output power might be less than it should. The good news is, you can solve this kind of problem by using such a cheap item, that is mirror.

When the times come where the sunlight cannot hit the panels directly, the mirror will help to reflect the light rays back to the solar panels. With this cheap trick, your “do it yourself solar panels” will get back to its optimum performance and maybe will increase the output power a bit (tested).

About the weather, it’s also can affect you solar panels output power but not that much. Your solar panels still can work well, only the output power will become a little bit power. What you should concern more is the trees or the next door’s extension. Please keep these kind of things away from blocking the sunlight to hit your solar panels.

About Shawn Mitchell

Shawn Mitchell is a professional photovoltaic panel professional and also a conservationist that has actually released publications over greater than the years regarding Eco-friendly Environment. Maturing in the foothills of Rocky Mount, he passed the National Renewable Energy Laboratory as well as is currently checking out the sectors it sustains. He is an enthusiastic fan of setting authors and also has actually released, modified and also composed quantities of Energy Saving Campaign.

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