Our Solar Heating Services

Here at Solar Heating Services in Rocky Mount, we specialize in solar heating and solar panels in Rocky Mount, We are a leading company that wants you to use renewable energy to save you money and the earth.

Solar Heating Services based in Green Acres Road, The Solar Heating, Co. Rocky Mount servicing County Rocky Mount and surrounding regions has several years experience in the heating industry.

Environmental issues and the rising price of oil, gas, and electricity are now giving a new momentum to the solar market. In response to these events, Solar Heating Services have installed Solar Panels providing domestic hot water as a priority and secondary to contribute to his heating system which has also been upgraded to incorporate a  wood pellet boiler at their premises.

This reinstates their belief in renewable energy and allows people to see first hand just how effective and efficient renewable energy is. They estimate that they will see a saving of around 60% on his hot water bills per annum and approximately 15-20% on heating bills.

A range of initiatives have been launched by the solar industry in partnership with the government, and with support from the European commission. Worldwide emphasis is now to adopt a green policy as an essential tool to reducing our carbon footprint.

Our Brilliant Team


George Alexander

Commercial Project Developer


Albert Baker

Site Assessment Supervisor


Joshua Watson

Residential Project Manager


Larry Anderson

Certified Solar Designer

Our Mission

  • Eco-Friendly

    Solar energy is the kind of renewable resource offered for human activities aside from wind, trend, as well as hydroelectric power. There are a number of various methods as well as innovations established to utilize this all-natural power. It is approximated that hardly any part of solar power is effectively made use of.

  • Low Maintenance Costs

    Photovoltaic panel typically need little maintenance, considering that there are no relocating components. A couple of times a year, the panels ought to be evaluated for any type of dust or particles that could accumulate on them.Regular examination as well as cleansing assists to optimize their effectiveness and also performance.

  • Save Power

    The primary method that panels assist to conserve power is due to the fact that they get rid of a family’s dependency on the National Grid. The power that you are utilizing is sustainable, as well as much less is typically needed in contrast to the power generated by the grid.